Heidi Holdsworth is the owner, staff and conscience of Creative Feats Inc – a successful graphic design business with a client list as diverse as the talents on which they rely. 


Heidi is very comfortable with running her own business. After sampling a post secondary education in Fine Arts at University of Waterloo, Illustration and then Graphic Design at Sheridan College, she moved back to her hometown of Stratford in 1983 and set up shop in the downtown. Four years of learning the ropes as graphic designer, print purchaser, office manager and janitor, inspired Heidi to move back to Toronto to explore life as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. 


Three years, one sweatshop and three major ad agencies later, Heidi felt she had gained the experience and savvy to strike out on her own in Toronto. Thus Creative Feats was born. After one very busy year working on freelance contracts for agencies and paying outrageous parking tickets she moved her business back once again to her hometown of Stratford in 1991.


Creative Feats has grown up and down since 1991. At one point there were three full time graphic designers and one production coordinator working in the Creative Feats offices. However, the business of running the business was just too far removed from Heidi’s real desire – to design. 


Now she works very contentedly all by herself – with a bevy of talented colleagues an email away – in an elegant and functional office nestled inbetween big old houses in a historic neighbourhood. With her charming English Bulldog Dave at her side, and no one to tell her to turn the music down, Heidi has found her niche in the often hectic and demanding world of graphic design.